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The schools are coming in one after another!!!

The schools are coming in one after another!!!

The bite continues to be hot as Walter and Rusty Heinemann just nailed 5 keepers and had to release one. Doreen Szczepanski nailed her first keeper off the surf and it weighed in at 14 pounds. Jason Rapleve weighed in an 11 pounder. Drew and Craig were up at the North end last night and the bite was very strong as they were the only three guys up there and they all had keepers up to 17 pounds. The bite is on and schools are coming through and hanging out just waiting to get a taste of our Riptide Rotter's .

YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE NJ REGISTRY no ands ifs or buts. Just get on the computer and go to the NJ fish and wild life site and they will walk you through it and answer all your questions. I will try and post the link when I can. The NOAA one is no longer valid......I don't make the rules I just want you guys to know about them :)

Thanks and Good Luck

Capt Andy

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