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Brigantine Beach 4x4 Assist LLC

We are getting very close to announcing the new 4x4 assist club that we will be starting very soon. It will be Brigantine Beach 4x4 Assist and you will now be able to pay one nominal fee once a year to join and that will give you access to a 24 hour tow service provided to the Brigantine 4x4 users. It will be a lot more than just getting you out of the sand. If you need a jump, lock your keys in the car , lose your keys, run out of gas or anything else that prevents your truck from moving on the beach we will be here to help you. You will no longer have to be afraid of paying anywhere from 250.00 to 600.00 to get your truck moving again. Dave Tefankjian ( Brigantine Auto and Marine ) approached me with this idea and we are running with it. It will be a great asset to all the Brigantine Beach 4x4 users. We all have been stuck or in a jam on the beach one or ten times and how much we dreaded calling for help and it costing an arm and a leg to get out. Well we have taken the fear out and all you have to do is join the club and you will have 24/7 365 coverage. More details to follow.

Capt Andy

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