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Did you miss me??? Check out Face Book........

Did you miss me???     Check out Face Book........  Little trouble with my site again but I have been updating on Face Book several times a day.
 The FRESH bunker is here and so are the fish!! Mint Davis was in the shop this morning and bought some bunker and headed out only to return 1/2 hour later with a 17 pound 36" striper. Fred Warren just stopped in to weigh his 15 pound striper that he just caught at the North end using old Riptide Rotter's and said the guy next to him just reeled in a bass also. I guess the fat lady is not singing after all, unlike with my Rangers  . We have FRESH bunker and FRESH clams in stock. The winds are NW 10-15 so it should be pretty calm in the surf and Fred did say it was a little weedy but it was fishable. 8:59 is high tide and low will be at 2:57 pm. We have JUMBO minnows along with all the other baits you will need for the day to have a wonderful day of fishing. I will continue to post as the fish show up.
Thanks and Good Luck

Capt Andy

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