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King fish in the Brigantine surf

 Looks like king fish are the only fish hitting the hooks of the anglers at on the beach. They are definitely here as some anglers are finding them very easy to catch and others not so much. Still have had no luck with the Fishbites and with the water temps dropping below 70 again I don't think they will turn on anytime soon so stick with the blood worms for now. The blood worms we just got in are looking fabutastic. I purchased a flat of Jumbos that are are some of the biggest worms they have had as far as Jumbos go. I am selling them for 11.00 1/2 and 20.00 a dz. I will also sell them at 2.00 a worm if you would like. They are really that big that one or two should get you through the day. I stopped by Wawa this morning and I saw this what looks like a mutant greened fly on the front wall in between the rocks it had to be 2" big and looked ready to find a meal. I was looking at it with Dee Brown and as soon as it started to move I hauled a$$ out of there. Has anybody seen Dee around? Just want to make sure she's still alive :)   The winds are blowing SE 5-10 and it is just another glorious day in Brigantine NJ.   Todays low tide will be at 4:38 pm and the shop will be open until 5:00 pm.

Thanks and Good Luck 
Capt Andy 

If you are looking for more reports , I update on my Facebook page many times during the day. Check us out at Riptide Bait and Tackle

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