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NEW Gulp Nemesis now at the shop

The news has spread from ICAST about the hot new bait Berkley Gulp Nemesis. They were raving about it at ICAST this year and the reviews have been great. If your looking for bigger fish then go with these bigger baits. I was able to get my hands on 24 of them and I just put them on the rack and sold 4 already. I have them in chartreuse and pearl white in 6.5" and I hope to be getting more in for next week. They have the action of a jerk shad with an extended 4" curly tail to give it that extra action. I'm thinking they will be perfect for the boaters heading out to the reefs and the wrecks. I have them priced at 8.49 until the next delivery comes in. 
Arlene P weighed in a just weighed in a 2 lb flounder caught off the surf this morning and that was entered into the Riptide Summer Fishing Tournament as the first flounder weigh-in. That tournament will continue until Sept 26th and you can still enter for 10.00 a division. We have 3 divisions, Flounder, King fish, and Blue fish. Team America Tackle just delivered 100 more shark rigs and I will be getting reloaded with 200 more KD shark rigs tonight. We have been trying our hardest to keep stuff in stock but with the sharks hitting like they have been I have been getting wiped out of supplies. We are stuffed to the gills with bait for the weekend and should be good. The weather prognosticators are saying we shouldn't see a cloud in the sky for the next couple of days and tonight is the the full ( blue moon). Low tide will be at 1:53 pm and high tide will be at 8:16 pm ( remember high tides on full moons will always be around 8:00) and the tides will also be at their strongest today. The shop will be open until 9:00 pm and most of you know if you can't get here by 9 just call us and we will leave it out for you.

Thanks and Good Luck
Capt Andy

I have been posting several times a day on Facebook at Riptide Bait and Tackle. That is where you want to be for all the latest pics, reports, and updates on fishing. 

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