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Old Brigantine bridge is closed

Old Brigantine bridge is closed
Dave Massimino sent me a couple of pics of the old Brigantine bridge being closed. I have not heard why yet but I will try and find out and I will post if I find anything more out about it. We have great fishing all over Brigantine with plenty of access points to get to the water. 
 It's been an ugly morning as far as being a wet day. The radar is showing that the storm has moved past us but it's still raining and they are calling for off and on showers all day. Winds are blowing SSW 8-12 with gusts to 18. It's a good day to knock off some chores on your Honey-do list and keep your better half happy. The rest of the week looks great through the weekend. King fish are here and the spot are making a showing in the back bays. I'm hoping they move out front so we can pick them off the surf. Have not had many reports of sharks over the past couple of days and I am waiting to see what shows up in our waters next. Hoping that the blues return to feed but who knows? If you are going to put your rain gear on and give it a shot, todays low tide will be at 11:44 pm and the shop will be open until 5:00 pm.

Thanks and Good Luck
Capt Andy 

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