About Us

Riptide Bait & Tackle is owned by Andrew and Tania Grossman and was created by a fisherman for the common fisherperson! We are surf fishing specialists who own a shop featuring products such as

  • live, fresh and frozen bait
  • hand-tied rigs
  • boating supplies
  • crabbing supplies
  • beach gear
  • a full line of rods, reels, and tackle
  • sand spikes
  • rod racks
  • Expert reel repair with one week turnaround.

A message from Capt Andy:
            I would like to take a minute to let you know about my family. I  have  a 19 year-old daughter named Erica, and a 15 year-old son, Justin. We have lived in Brigantine for over 29 years and we absolutely love being here. Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase this business, and after working for 20 years in the casino industry, I decided to take a chance and buy into an industry that I have a passion for. I have been fishing for 25 years, and I love being in a boat or on the surf. Although I am new to surf fishing, I've learned so much from being in the shop every day for the past eight years. I'm the kind of person that will listen to everybody and just absorb the information they have to offer. Plus, in the shop, I have Fred helping me out, and without his experience and knowledge, I would have been lost. Together, we've managed to build a friendly and knowledgeable atmosphere for both the advanced and novice fisherman. We have everything you need to fish from the boat or the surf, and are more than willing to both teach beginners and listen to experienced anglers. If you need any information, feel free to contact us any time in the shop for fishing reports, weather reports, or even tide changes. We'll give you the latest updates that we have available. We have a friendly atmosphere and encourage the beginner to stop by so that we can help you get started in your fishing endeavors. Good luck, and hopefully we'll see you soon.                                                                                                    

Capt Andy and the Riptide Family




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