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As per Kurt ( Fish bucket) there was only a flounder entered and that won the flounder division. There were no blues or king fish entered so the first one to bring in a 14" kingfish or a 18" blue fish will win the money in that division. Somebody has to catch one now. We have had many reports of king fish and bigger blues ( 17-18 inches in the surf since the storm passed. Finger mullet and bloods have been flying out of here which is telling me that the blues must be getting bigger. The Sillies BLEW another game, wondering if they will ever win again????  I know it must kill you guys not to be able to respond when you read this..... Ahhhh the advantage of having your own web-site :)

Hope you had a fun and safe holiday weekend


P.S. We are closing at 3:00 for the Holiday and will resume regular hours starting tomorrow.

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